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Rex Ryan apologizes for being a Head Coach in the NFL?

In a behind-the-scenes look at the Jets, Ryan dropped more F-bombs than a script from “The Sopranos.” On Thursday, the Jets’ coach was somewhat sheepish when asked about his language.

“I apologize if I offended more people than I usually offend,” he said in typical self-deprecating style.

Source of quotes from (ESPN.com)

In what kinda of sissy world do we live in, where a head coach has to apologize for his behavior and language while being taped for a cable network program.  This is exactly what is wrong with sports, media, and the conservative moralist who so desperately try to censor this great country.

Rex Ryan and the Jets have invited America in to there locker room, and we all have a choice to watch and listen.  How he and his coaching staff motivate his players, is for non to judge but only to observe.  Is nothing sacred any more?  Where even cable television has become censored and people need to be afraid of how there going to be criticized for what they say and do on camera?

I would like nothing more for Rex on his next episode to take a long look at his apology and throw it in the trash and tell all the apologetic nancies to kiss his ass and turn the channel.




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