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Johnson learns the valuable lesson of honesty

Sunday’s final round of the PGA Championship was marred by controversy when Dustin Johnson took a 2 stroke Penalty late in his final round when he touched his ball while in a bunker.

Each player and caddy were given a rule book and told that everything in play will be considered a bunker and should be played like they were hitting from a bunker.

This mistake cost him more than a Major Championship, but  the sum of $540,000.  His Caddy which should be advising him of the rule book at each shot, cost himself $54,000 when he did not state the rule before Mr. Johnson touched the ball.

The outcome of this match teaches us that golf  always has and always will be a sport that governs its self.  Honor and integrity will always be a vital part of this game.  This teaches athletes, parents, and children that mistakes can come with huge costs.  Dustin will forever be remembered as the guy who came so close, but the lesson learned will teach more about how integrity is how games should be played.




3 thoughts on “Johnson learns the valuable lesson of honesty

  1. Ok… here you go again. Stating stuff you know nothing about! Its the bloody American taking a sport that was invented in GBR and trying to mention rules he knows incorrectly.

    It wasnt that he “touched the ball” its that he grounded his club. You can’t ground your club in the sand as you can in the fairway or rough.

    I bet you’re some wanker that owns a set of golf clubs, hits at the range and watches golf but never goes out and plays golf.

    You should call this site 10 yards of talking out of your ass!

    Posted by Golf for Life | August 17, 2010, Tue, 17 Aug 2010 14:43:32 +0000:43 p
    • Wow a sports fan who switches sports faster than he does for his taste in men. Do you not understand the point of the post, or are you to jaded and Texan to figure out that the rule was not the point of the post but the fact that he took the penalty with integrity and humility.

      I wouldn’t expect a person of your character to understand, so sit back, open a cold one, and watch another run of Dirty Dancing.

      Posted by 10yardslant | August 17, 2010, Tue, 17 Aug 2010 15:33:38 +0000:33 p
      • You cheeky bastard. How dare you relate me to a dirty Texan. And as for my sexuality it is completely acceptable to experiment here in GBR, Austin Powers did it so can I.

        How was the blog praising Johnson’s humility and integrity but your title talks about him learning a lesson. The two don’t relate.

        Typical Americans don’t know how to use the real English language, butchering it with your words such as “y’all”, “axing a question” and “fixing to”.

        Posted by Golf for Life | August 17, 2010, Tue, 17 Aug 2010 17:58:03 +0000:58 p

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