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Breaking News – Roger Clemens will be indicted by Federal Court

Will justice be served?  What is justice, in this case?  Its been over 2 years since Roger stood on Capital Hill and shouted at the cameras denying that he ever took HGH or any other PED’s.

This story to me however is not about PED’s or Roger.  This is about Congress trying to set an example. Taking a celebrity that is known in a majority of households across this country, and using it to show the rest of Corporate America that it won’t stand for liars in its house.

To me you see, a guy like Roger is a small fish with little power against the likes of the Federal courts.  Why not go after the BP CEO about lying to the American public about his knowledge of the disaster in the Gulf.

We all knew the day Roger denied using HGH that he wasn’t telling the truth.  It wasn’t just Macnamee’s claims.  It was Canseco, Petite, and others, who all said they believed or had knowledge of Roger taking drugs.  So why wait till now?

We will only find out as time goes on about the evidence that Federal Prosecutors have developed.  Marion Jones only received 6 months for her lying to the courts.  My guess is that he will get double that, maybe 18 months.  In an isolated resort for criminals.

In the end was it worth it.  He broke no laws by taking PED’s.  It was about his reputation, it was about him making others think it was just an ageless arm.  His own arrogance and ignorance will cost him more than anything.  Good Luck Mr. Clemens, I hope those extra millions were worth it.  The man laughing in the corner by the way is Barry, I can see that smile from here.




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