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UFC To HOST Event in Canada???

MMA in Canada Eh?

Not so fast… An association of medial professionals in Canada are urging their Countrymen to ban the sport (MMA) due to the head trauma that occurs from fighting. They are concerned for the fighter’s health and possible long term affects. Were they concerned when they sent George Chuvalo in the right to fight Ali, Frazier and Foreman? What about the countless Olympians that include the likes of Lennox Lewis? Granted he is not a born Canuck but he fought in their name on multiple occasions.

Canada… what about the countless other sports that have long term medical affects on its athletes? Don’t make me name them. The Great One surly has some affects from his years on the ice; not to mention the hundreds of thousands of armatures around that great country that play.

Is the push for a ban because of your concern for the fighters or is it to establish that you are more civilized than Americans and most of the rest of the world? Even your sissy heroes, the French, have adopted a form of MMA and are making it an international venue for the sport.

I guess until MMA officials start allowing fighters to accept challenges from a grizzly bear or a moose you all will stay off the bandwagon. Don’t wait too long… your country will be passed up… again!

TimBeaux Slice



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