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Roger Pleads Not Guilty – Who Cares

I like probably most of the sports world is ready for the discussion of drugs in sports to move on.  For nearly 10 years the media, congress, and over zealous sports purist’s have reached on to an issue that really has killed the game of baseball.

Back in the early 90’s the players strike essentially killed the game.  Then the likes of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire put on the greatest show of the modern era.  Through there use of PED’s we were able to appreciate the game at its best.  The slogan “Chicks dig the Long Ball” was used in commercials.  Kids and adults waited to see if who would break Maris’ record.  It was a great time for baseball fans.

Then at some point, someone decided that baseball was too pure for the likes of medicine that can help a player heal faster, or have quicker reaction time.  The drugs most these players were taking were not banned by the league at the time nor were they banned in the US.  They were readily used prescribed PED’s.

Congress missed the boat on Bonds, and have now gone after the next biggest name.  Clemens finds himself in an unlikely situation with nothing to gain.  He stares at 30 years in prison.  And for what, because his ego wouldn’t allow him to be honest.

I don’t care that he took steroids or PED’s.  He and others made the game I watched as a kid a more valued since of entertainment.  Look at today’s game.  Its boring with no relevance to rest of the season.  Nothing to compel the casual fan to turn on and watch.  While the everyday fan see’s a more watered down boring game.

Maybe there is a place for PED’s in sports. I’m not saying allow it all. But, we have doctors who can regulate its use.  Which with regulation, is better for athletes, than having some rogue witch doctor.  Just because Babe Ruth or Bob Feller didn’t have the same advantage of PED’s, shouldn’t make any difference on what happens in today’s game.  If that is your argument, then Tiger Woods should use wood club heads and an Iron Shaft.  No body suits for Michael Phelps.  Oh, and make sure we go back to leather helmets and no pads in football, because we want a more pure since of the game.




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