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Little Man Syndrome

Nyjer Morgan outfielder for the Washington Nationals is listed at a courteous 6’ even. I doubt the “Pint Sized Centerfielder” stands much taller than 5’10”. Regardless, he is an average sized guy, but when you are playing with and against monsters that stand 6’8” and throw the ball 102 MPH things can get pretty intimidating. Enter Nyjer “Napoleon Complex” Morgan.

Most of us were introduced to Morgan’s “complex” during the May 22nd game against the Orioles when Morgan was tracking a ball in deep center and went to make the catch jumping at the wall but unsuccessfully bringing it in. His immediate reaction was to throw a temper and take off his glove, all the while the ball was still in play and Adam Jones was on his horse to score an inside the park HR.

Currently Morgan is appealing a seven game suspension from the MLB for throwing a ball in the stands in Philly and hitting a fan in the head. Morgan seemed to have gotten his feelings hurt by a little heckling and decided to retaliate. This by the way isn’t the first time he’s reacted toward some heckling, there are some reports of him grabbing his crotch in a Michael Jackson esque pose towards the fans at a Mets game.

And finally the former hockey player decided it was time to brawl last night in a game against the Marlins. The night before in the top of the 10th Morgan charged home plate running through the catcher, he was called out but not until he inflicted a separated shoulder on catcher Brett Hayes. Last night Morgan was hit in the 4th during his 1st at bat as a baseball way to retaliate from the night before. No incident immediately happened from that HBP. He proceeded to steal 2nd and third while his team was down 10 runs in the 4th. Feeling that the little guy didn’t get the message Marlins Pitcher Chris Volstad threw way behind him in the 6th which set off a charge at a player nearly one foot taller.

I must admit I didn’t know a 6’8” player in Volstad had the moves to side step a flying superman (or in Morgan’s case a ‘flying mighty mouse’) punch but he did. Immediately after barely missing the punch Morgan was greeted by a forearm from 1st baseman Gaby Sanchez. As Morgan was being taken of the field he was walking with his hands held high like “Sly” after he ran up the stairs in Philadelphia in Rocky.

There is no doubt the little “Speedy Gonzales” has some talent, however he will have to control those little man outbursts for fans to embrace him. The brawl last night is one thing; you could say it’s a part of baseball, however the other incidents (many not mentioned in this blog) need to stop. What’s next? Will his take a page out of Happy Gilmore’s play book and take one of his old hockey skates and try and stab someone?

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2 thoughts on “Little Man Syndrome

  1. I think he is a horrible image for mlb. looking at the previous nights games he just gives himself a bad image.
    He should not have been stealing 2 bases when down 11 runs. that”s a normal etiquette of baseball play. Instead of barreling over the catcher, he could have slid and been safe.
    Yeah, i would say Napoleon Syndrome for sure! He deserved to get his thug azz hit and it was awesome to see gaby sanchez close-line him!!
    looking forward to see what Bob Watson does to punish this ghetto punk.

    Posted by Ricki Davis | September 2, 2010, Thu, 02 Sep 2010 13:59:08 +0000:59 p
    • Granted his etiquette could be questioned. Its safe to say that the message was delivered in his 1st at bat of last nights game. A deliberate HBP in his back. To throw behind the guy in the 6th is just asking for something to be ignited. Good for Nyjer for standing up for himself, most in todays game are to cowardly to stand up for themselves. Whether he was right or wrong in his actions in the previous game, does not take away from the fact that he was man enough to chase down a guy literally 8 inches than himself.

      Posted by 10yardslant | September 2, 2010, Thu, 02 Sep 2010 16:08:20 +0000:08 p

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