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Trojan X’ing

2 quarterbacks with 2 entirely different paths in the NFL.  Matt Leinart and John David Booty passed one other in the halls of the Houston Texan  facility, one replacing the other.

Leinart enters the franchise as the 3rd string quarterback behind both Matt Shaub and Dan Orlavsky.  The irony for Matt here is he was unwilling to be the #2 in Arizona, but accepts the 3rd string job in Houston.  Sounds like Matt needs to reconsider who he gets his advice from.  While  John leaves having held the same position that Leinart now holds.

In college he gave fans great memories, the “Bush Push” versus Notre Dame and who can forget the National Title game versus Texas and Vince Young.

So what went wrong?  Leinart a former Heisman Trophy winner is now added to the long list of Heisman winning quarterbacks that have been nothing in the NFL.  One could argue its worse for a QB to win that award than for a player to don the cover of the Madden video game.

At one point in his college career Leinart was the future at his position.  Experts predicted after winning the Heisman that he would be the 1st overall selection the in 2005 draft. Citing he wasn’t ready to leave the college game and the experiences of being a college athlete, he came back to join his teammates for a shot at a second consecutive national title and repeat winner of the Heisman.

But with all that success, Leinart never has been able to translate it to the NFL.  How can one explain how a guy who only lost 2 games as a starter in college,  not be able to lead in the NFL.  I would argue, that if not for Dennis Green being fired one season after he drafted Leinart,  maybe Matt would still be the starter and the story  would be different.  Matt was never Ken Weisenhunt’s guy and after this past weeks rants by Leinart, its apparent that’s how he felt.

Conversely, John entered USC as the 1st ever student, after graduating early into his junior year of high school.  Leaving the state of Louisiana as a 17 year old, he followed right into Matt’s foot steps, leading the Trojans to Rose Bowl wins in both his seasons as a starter.  Drafted in the 5th round by the Minnesota Vikings, Booty never saw more than a few snaps in the pre season each year, while holding a clip board for Brett Favre last year.  Houston sent the Shrevport native an invite and was slotted as the 3rd string quarter back.

Each of these 2 guys are added to the list of talent that Pistol Pete was able to motivate and get remarkable success from in college.  But like so many other offensive players under Carrol, these 2 will be nothing more than average in the NFL.  It is possible the Matt can find a new team in 2011 after signing just a one year contract.  Tho I think its safe to say Matt will be nothing more than that Guy (Gino Torretta or Eric Crouch) who stands in the back clapping for future players inducted.

Its time for Matt to call his boy Nick, hit the Hollywood scene, and create there own reality show.  And as for John David, I cant really say anything about him, his NFL career really hasn’t been one.  Maybe the UFL or the Arena League??




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