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Reggie says Good Bye to the Hardware

In a unexpected move earlier this afternoon, Reggie Bush made a stunning announcement when he decided to return his Heisman Trophy.  In a lengthy statement, Bush never acknowledge any guilt or wrong doing, only stating that he would work with the Heisman Commission on helping future athletes from making the same mistakes and errors in judgement as himself.

So what does the Trust Committee now do with the trophy?  Do they award it to Vince Young? Vacate the award entirely for that season?  The committee was scheduled to meet this afternoon, not specifically on this issue, but one would assume the topic would have been discussed.

Its easy to say that Vince should be awarded the trophy.  I would argue the only right move is to vacate the award.  If the committee was to rule that Bush was ineligible his senior season, like the NCAA found.  Then in my opinion all votes for Reggie should have not been casted.  If that were the case, a majority of the votes Reggie received would have gone to his teammate Matt Leinart.  Remember the two players essentially pulled votes from each other.  Its just as likely that Matt would have won his second consecutive Heisman, and been the 1st player to do so since Archie Griffin.

Vince was a great player, as were Bush & Leinart, and the rest of the candidates that season.  But to give the trophy to another athlete 5 years removed, does a disservice to the athlete, the award, and the fans.  There’s no honor in receiving an award you weren’t elected to win.  How this has all unfolded is bad enough, why add more drama and controversy to the situation.   Vacate the award and let fans remember what could have been.




One thought on “Reggie says Good Bye to the Hardware

  1. Hey bud, great blog you got over here, keep it up! To be honest I don’t think that Bush giving up the Heisman is all that big a deal. The thing is that you can’t take away the fact that he still did all those great things. It wasn’t steroids it was something else, not specified which to be isn’t a big deal in the big picture. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear your thoughts on mine. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/who-cares-about-reggie-bush-giving-back-the-heisman/

    Posted by Chris Ross | September 15, 2010, Wed, 15 Sep 2010 14:36:41 +0000:36 p

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