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A Black Eye on Black Outs

This past Sunday saw all of the LA market Blacked Out of its local football programming due to the Chargers inability to sellout their  home opener.  More than 7,500 tickets went unsold prior to the 72 hour blackout deadline.  Making matters worse is that not only were local fans blacked out on the local CBS Network, but all fans who ordered NFL’s Sunday Ticket via DirecTV were also barred from watching the game.  Thousands of local businesses and homes were forced to watch the Rams vs Raiders or the Denver vs  Seattle game.

Local businesses pay thousands of dollars to have the ability to carry EVERY NFL game.  And when the NFL doesn’t allow its satellite carrier to open up the game to its viewers, thousands of dollars are lost by local bars and restaurants.  People are paying a lot of money to provide a marketing service to attract business, this move by the NFL only creates a disservice to its customer.

Who should fans be more upset with?  The NFL for there monopoly and manipulation of TV rights with there satellite partner DirecTV.  Or should we vent our frustration with the San Diego Chargers and there fans.

I mean it was there fault they couldn’t  sell out there 1st home game of the season.  A team that has won there division each of the past 3 seasons can’t motivate its locals fans to come out for there home opener.  The city of San Diego, its fans, and its ownership should be disgusted with itself.

Its hard to understand how the NFL and The Spanos family could allow so many advertising dollars go to waste by not reducing the rate on the final 7,500 tickets to lift the black out.  But then again, this is the same ownership group who allowed Drew Brees to walk, and let there All Pro LT do the same this past season.

Its time to do away with Black Outs and give us all what we want.  Our local market to have its local team on TV.




2 thoughts on “A Black Eye on Black Outs

  1. SD has had the AFCW for the last 4 years. 🙂

    On the topic of the blackouts, I highly doubut NFL owners would vote to strike down the blackout rule, especially when blackouts are the minority, last weekend only San Diego and Oakland was blacked out. It’s unfortunate that times have come to this but interestingly, of the 7,500 remaining tickets left over on Thuraday at 1pm, 5000 of those were sold by Saturday, which would’ve avoided the blackout. I do think the rule should be modified. Modified to allow a blackout lifted if tickets are sold anytime before Sunday.

    Posted by Edgar | September 21, 2010, Tue, 21 Sep 2010 13:51:41 +0000:51 p
  2. Maybe if owners stopped charging so much for tickets more people would go to the games. I heard the other day that the cost for an average family of four to go to a football game these days is around $1000 after tickets, parking, food, gas ect… That’s insane! It will be interesting to see how L.A. reacts and embraces the Jaguars when they eventually come to L.A. In a couple years!

    Posted by Jesse | September 21, 2010, Tue, 21 Sep 2010 18:46:27 +0000:46 p

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