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Who Let the Dog Out?

Michael Vick is now the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.  In a shocking 24 plus hours, Mike has gone from sending a vote of confidence in Kevin Kolb to being named as  his replacement as the starter from this point forward.

This can only be a ploy to keep the fans off the front office after the recent success of Donovan Mcnabb in Washington.  Philly fans need someone to embrace, unfortunately in Mike this is the wrong choice.  Only 1 season removed from his prison release he has returned to leading a professional football team.

Wasn’t it just this past off season that Vick was at the same restaurant in which a former friend was shot by another of Michael’s friends.  Mike hasn’t changed, he’s no different today than he was a year ago.  The only thing different about Mike is he has another organization to disappoint.  This is the biggest mistake Jeffery Loria and the Eagles could make.  It now tells the Eagles fans that they made a mistake on Drafting Kolb 3 seasons ago, and made a mistake in trading away McNabb to a divisional rival.  The following players were all passed up while drafting Kolb with the 36th pick in the 2007 Draft (Zach Miller TE 38th, Lamar Woodley LB 46th, Steve Smith WR 51st) all of which have made great contributions for the past 3 years on the respected teams.

Good luck Philly, your season is officially over before it even began.




2 thoughts on “Who Let the Dog Out?

  1. I hope some big angry dog loving linebacker rips his head off! Fuck Vick!!!! That D-bag doesn’t deserve to be playing in the NFL. Kids look up to professional athletes and want to be like them so what kind of example has he set for them? Being a professional athlete is a privilege not a right! The only reason why Roger Goodell let him back is for ratings.

    Posted by Jesse | September 22, 2010, Wed, 22 Sep 2010 19:41:32 +0000:41 p
  2. Hey Jesse seems like you want to be that big angry dog loving linebacker. Geez…

    You’re right it is a privilege however not a privilege due to awesome personalities and morals but for athleticism. Let go of this, he served his time and managed to stay in good enough shape to make it back to the elite level of football.

    Why don’t you give him some props for that. You don’t have to like what he did to acknowledge that the man has talent.

    Posted by Jesse the Dog Hugger | September 23, 2010, Thu, 23 Sep 2010 16:52:15 +0000:52 p

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