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Has Justice Been Served?

On April 8th 2010, Nick Adenhart had just pitched in his 1st game of the season.  In what many called the best effort of his young professional career.  His father made the trip out west to see his son pitch, chatted with him in the clubhouse afterwards, and then retired at a local hotel.  Like so many young talented athletes, Nick decided to celebrate with a few friends by heading to a Fullerton night club.  What the group of 4 did not know, was another young man was also celebrating a new lease on life with family members nearby.

At around 2 am, Andrew Gallo left a bar drunk and dissorderley and got  behind the wheel of his mothers mini van.  Knowing he had a suspended license from a previous DUI, and being intoxicated from hours of drinking, Andrew made a life altering decision for not only himself but for the lives hundreds of people.

Running a red light at speeds over 60 MPH, not only did he take the lives of Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart and Nigel Pearson.  But he altered the lives of so many people around them.  Jon Wilhite the only survivor from Nicks car will have scars for the rest of his life do to Andrew’s selfishness.

A year and a half later Andrew Gallo was found Guilty of murder of 3 people.

“What this case has shown is that the accelerator, the gas pedal on an automobile in the wrong hands is as dangerous as the trigger on a gun,” Nigel Pearson, the father of 25-year-old victim Henry Pearson, said outside court. “And in the wrong hands, it can devastate the lives of many, many people.” – ESPN

There is no going back from what took place on April 9th.  All that can be done is to learn from the mistakes that were made.  Andrew will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, wondering what could have been had he not made such a vital mistake.

Many said Andrew would not receive a fair trial in Orange County due to the celebrity status of Nick.  I am here to tell you, it doesn’t matter who Nick was.  He was more than an athlete, that is something his teammate and friends will tell you.  He was a great kid as were his friends that were with him that night.  Him being a ball player should not be a negative for him or anyone in society receiving the proper justice.

RIP – Nick, Courtney, and Nigel.  May your families find piece through today’s news, and may we all learn from this unfortunate act of violence.




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