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Cowboy Hazing

Dez Bryant got what he apparently had coming to him, at least in the eyes of Roy Williams.

During mini camp this past summer Roy Williams caused a stir when he and   fellow receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry William’s pads and helmet.  “I’m not doing it,” Bryant said then. “I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads.” – ESPN

Dez refused to do so, and stood up against the hazing routine.  Some 8 weeks later, Williams and Dez agreed that it was only appropriate for Dez to take the entire offense to dinner.  Williams without telling Dez, invited both the offensive and defensive teams to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, in Dallas.  Where the group racked up a $55,000 dinner.  Players ordered a lavish meal and a little of  everything from the extensive wine menu for dinner while  some even ordered bottles to go.

That to me is one heck of a price to pay for not wanting to carry a players helmet and pads.  Memo to future  rookies drafted by the Cowboys, stay away from Roy or hope he’s traded.

Personally I think  its only fair when a story like this makes the news, that Roy and other members of the Dallas Cowboys make some sort of charitable donation to a local food bank.  $55,000 on one meal, when the only premise was to seek retribution for a hazing incident seems a bit selfish on all there parts.  I’m not saying these players don’t deserve to do what they want with there money, but its sad to think there are thousands of kids and families in that community who go without proper nutrition on a daily basis.

Hey Roy, time to pick up your wallet and give back a little!!!




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