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Is he still the Great American QB?

Amid allegations that Brett has left voice mails with a former NY Jets female employee. Brett Favre held a team meeting earlier this afternoon addressing his teammates and apologizing for the “Spectacle” this has caused.  Text messages and voice mails surfaced late Thursday last week, in which Brett was soliciting a young woman to join him in his NY Hotel room.

Brett has the image across the country that he is an average guy except he was given the tools to play football.  Most relate to his mellow personality, his casual attire, and his southern charm.

It was just 6 years ago,when Brett won many over as he came out about a prescription pain killer addiction.  Telling his story, made others rally around what has become a growing issue in America.

Now with the thoughts of infidelity lingering, many now wonder is this the same guy that we all could relate to?  I for one, find the story to be for lack of a better word humorous.

If it weren’t for his massive ego, which has prevented him from retiring on 3 different occasions this never becomes a story.  When a players refuses to hang it up, he puts himself in a position to continue to be followed and watched.  Did he not think this would become public knowledge?  Have you heard the voice mails?  He’s a married man, and he’s trying to set up a date with a women who wants nothing to do with him.  I’m not sure whether its funny or sad.  I mean its Brett Favre, and he sounds more desperate than teenage virgin.

Had he retired this never happens.  He’s sitting on his porch in Hattesyburg, sipping on moonshine and playing fetch with his dog.  Like every other middle aged man should be.

Kudos to you Mr. Favre, you didn’t even get the girl, but yet your reputation is now on the same level as that of Tiger Woods, at least he got the job done.  Next time call Tiger, and meet him at Perkins!!!




2 thoughts on “Is he still the Great American QB?

  1. “more desperate than a teenage virgin” that’s awesome! Your absolutely right if it weren’t for his huge ego this never would have happened! Favre’s an Americas Douche Bag not Americas QB! However I find it very curious that the story came out when it did. The same week the Jets (Favres former team and where this all went down) play Brett Favre and the Vikings. I garuntee you that was not a coincidence or accident!

    Posted by Jesse | October 11, 2010, Mon, 11 Oct 2010 17:35:25 +0000:35 p
  2. Great article Steve, I was just thinking there is one fact that is not brought up here. It is not specific to the Favre scandal alone but the whole Jets organization (and professional sports for that matter).

    It wasn’t too long ago when a beautiful young Spanish reporter had come out and said there was some inappropriate behavior taking place in the locker room; boarding sexual harassment.

    What does this say about the Jets organization? Better yet about young athletes? I tell you what… they are all bad, heathenistic, cheating scum balls! You want to know why they can get away with it too? Because people and websites like yours glorify them!

    Posted by Josh M | October 13, 2010, Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:15:36 +0000:15 p

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