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The BCS is full of BS

The first rankings issued by the BCS were released late Sunday afternoon with a surprise at the top of the board.  Oklahoma stands tall with the #1 ranking with a decent percentage lead over #2 Oregon.

My problem with the 1st release is Oklahoma hasn’t beaten anyone.  Their only decent win was at home over Florida St. by 30 in week 2.  They followed up that performance with a narrow 3 point win over Air Force. Then with a 2 point win over Cincinnati.  There lopsided win over the Cyclones last week, 52-0 is about as relevant as the conference in which they are affiliated with.

On the contrary, Oregon ranked #1 in the AP Poll, see’s them self with an average BCS score of 8, and sitting #2 in the BCS.  Even tho they have wins on the road in Tennessee, at Arizona St, and crushing win over #9 Stanford.  Also, having an average margin of victory over 25, while Oklahoma has 2 wins by 3 or less twice and a touchdown differential twice as well.

The system is wrong, Jeff Sagarin who votes for the BCS, while also having his own poll, has the Ducks rated #2 in his own poll, but 8th in the BCS because margin of victory is not a factor in the BCS formula.  Its not only who you play, its how the the team wins.

Its true a win is a win, but when Oregon goes out and crushes its competition and the Okies barely cover then spread the system is wrong.  Call me a Pac 10 Homer, but every year one of the Top Conferences in the nation is overlooked.  Being located on the West Coast should not be a reason to penalize a team from being the top program in the country.

I look forward to seeing the Ducks stomp the Bruins this Thursday night.  Leaving them atop the BCS, for USC to possibly knock off #1.




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