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NASCAR and Consecutive Winning Streaks… Slice’s Take.

With the 2010 NASCAR Chase for the Cup half way over and Jimmy Johnson in the lead and poised to win his 5th consecutive championship I can’t help but want to puke in disgust and high five him and his team all at the same time. NASCAR has seen its fair share of repeat winners but the most being (until last season) three. Jimmy Johnson set the bar at four consecutive championships for NASCAR but it made me think what other teams have won four or more consecutive championships?

-The North Carolina Women’s Soccer Team won nine consecutive championships, 1986-1994.

-UK cheerleading eight consecutive championships, 1995-2002.

-A big one would be the Iowa wrestling team they had two big runs one a run of eight from1978-1986 and a run of six from1995-2000.

-Rally Car Driver Sébastien Loeb won five drivers’ championships, 2004-2008

-Of course the one ball’d wonder Land Armstrong won seven consecutive Tour de France titles, 1999-2005.**

-The Montreal Canadians won five consecutive championships, 1956-1960.

These are all great feats and in this era of talented athletes any consecutive championship streak should be admired and applauded. I personally would like to see a new face at the top of the NASCAR podium but looking at the other athletes and teams above NASCAR (besides the tour and the NHL) is the only relevant sport. Here is to another year as a champion JJ… I hope it continues even longer.

*Note College Football wasn’t included because of the possibility of multiple championships. I only wanted to see solo (team and individual) winners.

** Be watching for an original shirt coming soon from the 10yardslant.com brain trust.

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