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Velasquez & Brown Pride Dominate UFC 121

Anaheim, Ca was the place to be this past Saturday evening if you were a fan of the UFC and Cain Velasquez.  History was made in the world of Heavyweight Champions as for the 1st time a person of Mexican decent was crowned when Cain stopped Brock Lesnar with 48 seconds to go in the 1st Round.

From the moment Herb Dean started the fight Cain showed that his speed and athleticism was going to be too much for the size and strength of Lesnar.  At 6’1″ and 250 lbs. Cain is almost 30 pounds lighter than Lesnar.  But the “Brown Pride” on his chest would show to be too much for Mr. Lesnar to handle.

Cain’s class after the fight would not go unnoticed, sayning he knew he was in for a tough fight and that Brock was a legit title holder.  But that he prepared for every aspect to fight.

Like every person, I am proud of my heritage and where my family originates.  But like many others who took in the fight at my home, we were a little beside ourselves when Cain began to make his acceptance speech about Mexican/Americans.  Don’t get me wrong it should be celebrated being the 1st, but it seems a tad extreme when he enters the ring with “BROWN PRIDE” Tattooed across his chest.  Could you imagine the outrage by fans and the media if Lesnar or any other Caucasian athlete came into the octagon with “WHITE PRIDE” tattooed on them.  They would be labeled a racist.

If Cain is trying to sell the idea of his love for his Mexican Heritage, then write Mexican Pride.  Double standards should not be tolerated.  Because its taboo for me to acknowledge the color of my skin,  the same standard should be held of you.

The fight was the best heavyweight fight I have seen in years.  But it should be more about the fight and not where the fighters were from.




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