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Poor Recruiting in New York

Ah New Yorkers…. They certainly are a breed of their own. I can’t help but put an unpleasant tone toward New Yorkers in this blog as they are frequently viewed as rude and unwelcoming. I personally find many of them obnoxious. A few reasons that make them obnoxious to me are: the awful accent, vulgar language and appalling sportsmanship. Before some people get all defensive let me tell you not all of them are as terrible as I am making them out to be however majority I have encountered are.

With this said it should come as no surprise to anyone that Yankee fans during the ALCS were seen harassing Kristen Lee the wife of Cliff Lee, the very pitcher the Yankees are sure to target this off season. Its speculated that the Yankees will offer Cliff Lee a long term contract valued anywhere from $100-$150 Million. These fans were reported to be spitting at, yelling obscenities and throwing beer on Kristen Lee in the visiting players section of Yankee Stadium. Why would fans feel it’s necessary of them to do this? I can’t help but think of every stadium I have been to and wonder what other fans would do this?

 The only one that comes to mind is Fenway Park. (seen it first hand) I guess the Sox and the Yanks aren’t too different after all.

The big question is how will this affect the chances of the Yankees signing the free agent ace in the off season? Will Cliff Lee abandon the Rangers (and their ever so polite fans) for the big market and big money? I guess it all depends on the outcome of this World Series. I personally would like to see him stay in Texas and steer clear of the distasteful fans in New York.

Regardless of where he ends up he is pitching in game 1 of this year’s World Series… he’s got a tough matchup in the Freak. 10yardslant.com will be watching Wednesday as Cliff Lee goes down in History as the 1st Rangers pitcher to pitch in the World Series.

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