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PEDs and Baseball… Surprised?

 It seems as if every player and coach surrounding OF Jose Guillen of the Giants is surprised that he is linked to HGH is a recent New York Times article. The article notes that Guillen is the subject of a federal investigation regarding his wife receiving of a shipment of HGH. MLB was informed of this investigation days before the postseason; which coincidently Guillen has been sitting out as he was taken off the playoff roster for a “neck injury”.

Guillen has been somewhat of a journeyman in the MLB for his 13 year career. In that time he has played with ten different teams. We all can agree that that this era of baseball where breaking into the majors, and staying, is extremely competitive many players are looking for a competitive edge.

We’ve learned over the last few years from books like Juiced and from congressional hearings that there is an underground market of players and trainers using and distributing PEDs (even if Clements won’t admit it). Through all this I am sure it has put many players on edge when talking about or taking PEDs. I assume the players who do only do so with those they trust. If you were a rookie in the MLB and wanting to stay what better person to trust than an ol’ veteran in Guillen?

Through all the teams Guillen has played on he could have come in personal contact (in the clubhouse) with upwards of 400 players. What better person to have as a distributor than someone that has contacts and an “in” to a highly competitive and influential group? I am not surprised by this at all. Guillen has been suspended in the past for reported use of PED’s, HGH specifically. He has also been suspended from other teams for heated arguments and exchanges… hmmmm….could that be “roid rage”?

Whatever you want to call it 10yardslant.com will be following the story as it unfolds. Our hope is that he admits to whatever has been done so we don’t have to sit through another congressional hearing.

TimBeaux Slice



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