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Deep in the HEART of Texas

Texas Motor Speedway was the back drop for stage 10 in the race for the Sprint Cup.  With Jimmie Johnson atop the leader board in his quest for a 5th straight title, tensions ran strong amongst the other drivers as they chased the defending Cup Champion.

At lap 159 Kyle Bush was caught speeding on pit lane.  Upset with NASCAR’s ruling, Bush used every expletive he could think of, followed by rolling the “BIRD” to an official.  Costing Kyle a 2 Lap penalty and any shot at winning a race he was leading.

Then with a little over 100 laps remaining Jeff Burton ran up the rear bumper of Jeff Gordon under caution, forcing Gordon hard into the wall.  Gordon who is still fighting strong for a 4th championship of his own, exited his car and went right at Burton with fists to throw.  Nascar officials standing in between kept Gordon from doing too much damage to Burton, but the frustration on Gordon’s part was seen by all of America.

Denny Hamlin won for the 7th time this season, and took over the points lead from Johnson.  With 2 races remaining time will only tell if the 48 Car will continue his Championship dominance.

With the sports decline in viewership the past 2 seasons, incidents like these definitely help create a buzz.  As the great “Harry Hogge” said in Days of Thunder, Rubbins Racin.  And well us fans love to see Rednecks make right hand turns into the wall.  Just as long as Sterling Marlin isn’t the one causing that right hander.




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