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Crazy MLB Offseason Predictions

What better way to kick off this weeks MLB Winter Meetings than to throw out our take on what we think will happen this off season.

With the free agent market as bleak as the ratings for the playoffs, trades are sure to set the tempo.  Here are the four trades we could see happen between now and spring training.

Dan Uggla will be traded to Detroit for 3 players all of which will suck in South Florida and eventually be traded to other teams.  Much like the Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller deal that sent Dontrelle Willis to Detroit.

Mike Napoli will be shopped and moved from Anaheim and be sent packing East. He will find a new home in Kansas City, good luck crushing the ball in this waste land.  Zach Greinke the former Cy Young winner will be the #3 in Anaheim making this possibly the best rotation in the majors.

James Loney will also depart Los Angeles and move to the Pacific Northwest and play 1st base for the Mariners in 2011.  LA will likely receive minor league talent since they won’t be able to afford any new contracts nor do the Mariners have anything which the Dodgers could use right now.

Adrian Gonzales finally is sent packing to Tampa Bay.  With Carlos Pena not being resigned, Tampa moves top pitching prospect Jeremy Hellickson and BJ Upton to San Diego.  The Padres need another outfielder like a hole in the head, but cant turn down the opportunity to add the age and talent of BJ.

Top 15 Free Agents and where they’ll land :

1. Cliff Lee – Texas

2. Carl Crawford – Angels

3. Adrian Beltre – Boston

4.  Jayson Werth – Dodgers

5. Adam Dunn – Seattle

6. Victor Martinez – Rangers

7. Rafael Soriano – Angels

8. Mariano Rivera – Yankees

9. Paul Konerko – White Sox

10. Jeter – Red Sox

11. Carlos Pena – Nationals

12. Vladimir Guerrero – Tampa Bay

13.  Manny Ramirez – Oakland

14. Magglio Ordonez – Tigers

15.  Derek Lee – Braves

Tho most of these are far reaches, lets see who ends up where and how crazy we are.





2 thoughts on “Crazy MLB Offseason Predictions

  1. I bet you a billion dollars Adam Done does not go to the Mariners

    Posted by I Miss Dave | November 15, 2010, Mon, 15 Nov 2010 20:26:23 +0000:26 p

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