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NCAA favoring the SEC

Considered by many to be the best conference within all of  college football.  Rightfully so, since 2003 the conference has won or shared 6 National Titles.  3 by Florida alone, and only USC (2) and Texas (1) has kept them from winning 9. If it weren’t for a 4th and 1 that saw Lendale White get stuffed with 3 minutes to play, USC would have been the only school in between the SEC’s National Title run.

The respect is there for this powerhouse conference, but it amazes me with this Cam Newton scandal at Auburn.  What people don’t realize is, the intent to solicit is against NCAA rules.  The mere fact that Cecil Newton approached Mississippi St. and put up a dollar amount for his son to play for that school is a violation of the NCAA.  They don’t need to take a penny.

In my opinion the young man (Cam Newton) is ineligible.  He’s a great talent, as was Reggie Bush.  There was no better running back in the modern era of college football than Reggie.  He was awarded the countries highest honor for a college athlete.  And because his Father “allegedly” took improper benefits with out Reggie’s knowledge the book was thrown hard at USC, and he lost his Heisman.  It doesn’t matter that Cam wasn’t aware of his fathers wrong doing.  The standard and penalties have been set for such illegal activities by student athletes and there families.

If Auburn isn’t found to have used an ineligible player for solicitation of improper benefits, then the appeal process for reduced sanctions against Southern Cal should be awarded.  Both cases are very similar and I see no reason why this case should be treated any different than how USC was treated.

OH wait, its different cause its the SEC, and how dare we treat the “Church of College Football” in this manner.  The facts are this, in light of Alabama not being who they were just 10 months ago, and Florida in a rebuilding stage.  The SEC and apparently the NCAA needs Auburn in the title game.  Because half the country (REDNECKS or Red States) won’t watch if its Boise St. vs Oregon.  Without Cam Newton, Auburn is a nobody in that conference as they have been since 2002.

History shows the SEC has been the best conference the past 8 years, take away Cam and is “ineligible” status, and they’re rebuilding just like the Small 10 and the Big 10.





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