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This past week saw Apple release the complete collection of Beatles music on Itunes.  I never bought any of there CD’s growing up and well, my bothers records aren’t available for transfer.  So while downloading some of my favorite tracks it made me realize that their is only one pure rock band of all time.

Which leads me to what this article is about.  We live in an era in which we have the opportunity to see some of the next best stars in all areas of sport.  I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up watching the likes of Babe Ruth, Bill Russell, or Muhammad Ali.

Rather than criticize and find the faults of whats wrong with our current athletes.  Lets pay thanks to them.  Enjoy the moments in which they bring happiness to those around us.

We live in a time where we have an opportunity  to witness the next best stars and role models for our kids and new legends to be born.

I want to continue by opening up for debate.  Who were the greatest and who is the next big thing.

Baseball is a subjective sport because its founded on statistics.  Most people would say the greatest to ever play the game was Babe Ruth.  He could field, hit and pitch.  Others would tell you Willie Mays, his speed and power transformed how defense was played in the outfield.  I would argue Joe Jackson, he had the power of Ruth, Speed of Mays, and the heart Rose.  He was the 1st 5 Tool player.  But who is the future of today.  Arod, Jeter, Bonds, Pujols?  In my mind its clearly Albert.  His effortless swing, raw power, and his quiet charm, sets him apart from all others in the modern era.

Football is much more debatable.  Each position has its own unique responsibility.  The past players like Rice, Jim Brown, and Walter Payton are immortals in the sport.  However, football is at its greatest point.  So many stars to choose from.  Brady, Manning, Favre, LT, Lewis, you name it.  Its full of guys bound for the Hall of Fame.

Without question Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer we have ever seen.  no one in our lifetime will ever parade around the ring and display such skill and power.  His persona took him to a level in which no athlete could ever match.  You can’t argue, there will never be another Ali.

What about some of the less popular sports, like Auto Racing.  A name hardly any american knows is Michael Schumacher.  This former F1 champion just maybe the greatest driver of all time, in any form of racing.  And right now we are being treated to Nascar’s 1st Dynasty.  Jimmie Johnson will attempt for a 5th consecutive title.  The sport is jaded by Dale Earnhardt as being its icon, but Jimmie should be the benchmark for future drivers.

Embrace today’s stars, and remember those who paved the way for them.  We have the pleasure of seeing some of the greatest of all time, and lets give thanks for that.


p.s. Happy Thanksgiving



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