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NCAA Hypocrisy

. “That’s what we’ve been telling our kids. If the parent does something inappropriate the child suffers the consequences. In the Reggie Bush case, when the parent [did] something inappropriate the kid and the school suffered.”

– Pat Hadden USC Athletic Director

In a previous article written by myself a few weeks back.  I spoke about my feelings on how the NCAA is in a way lobbying and needing the SEC to be viable and play for a National Title.  In a year where all the big powers of the past decade are down.  Florida, Texas, USC, Florida St., LSU, Alabama, are already at 2 or more losses in the season.  We have Auburn sitting at 12-0, on the doorstep of a perfect season.  With a cloud of speculation and controversy over their star player and Heisman candidate.

Just 2 days ago Auburn ruled Cam ineligible for the SEC Championship game vs South Carolina, an act of good faith, because they knew for a fact there was wrong doing on behalf of the Newton family.  And what does the NCAA rule today.  Tho, they find that Cecil Newton was in clear violation of rules for soliciting extra benefits.  They reinstate Cam and allow him and the University to continue on as if nothing else needs to be done.

They did say that they will further investigate and take further action if necessary.  This is nothing but a PILE of BS.  It smells of hypocrisy and hidden agendas.  The NCAA knows that if they rule Cam out for the title game and Auburn loses, voters will be forced to put TCU in the National Championship Game vs Oregon.  This would be ratings nightmare and a black eye on an already down year.

Moreover the Hippocrates that are the NCAA, have elected to tell us all that what was wrong by USC and Reggie Bush’s father, its ok for Auburn and Cecil Newton.  Let me remind you, the fact that the father solicited Mississippi St. for $180,000 was against the rules.  He doesn’t need to accept a penny.  And if you think for a  second that Cam or any faculty at Auburn were’t aware of this, then your just crazy.

Most who know me, will say this article is about my frustration regarding the sanctions placed on USC.  I will admit, damn right news like this makes me upset and emotional.  USC’s season would not be what it is right now (7-5) with the sanctions that were placed on the university.  7 players left the university, most of whom were starters. The top high school recruit defected during spring ball.  All because the NCAA has rules for only certain institutions and players.

Will all get the last laugh.  Cam will play versus South Carolina and likely win and play Oregon.  He will likely win the Heisman Trophy in 2 weeks.  And in 2 or 3 years the truth will be told, just as it already has, and will see if the NCAA comes down as hard on the SEC and Auburn the way it has USC and the Pac 10.




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