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Baseballs East Coast Dominance

Last night their became a new Evil Empire.  For several years, most would point to the NY Yankees as the team who got the top players when push came to shove.

Well you can now add the Boston Red Sox as a team in that same category.  Beantown has always had a history of having great players.  From guys like Jim Rice, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, and David Ortiz.  But never has Boston gotten into bidding wars for over paid players at the expense of one upping the Yankees.

The 7 year 142 Million dollar contract that was offered and agreed to by Carl Craword could go down as the worst free agent deal of all time.  Don’t get me wrong, Crawford is a tremendous talent.  He’ll hit for a decent average .280, knock in 70, and bang out 15-20 home runs, while also swiping 50+ bases.  Not bad numbers.  But, think about it Mark Teixeria will hit 20 more home runs, hit for 30 points higher in average, and drive in 50 more runners.  And he essentially will make a few million more per season.  Not to mention Boston just traded for one of the best left handed hitters in the game in Adrian Gonzales.  What do you offer him, 25 or 30 Million?  Better yet what do you pay Pujols in St. Louis, arguably the best pure hitter in the game?

Crawford is the product of being a free agent in the perfect class.  His only competition was Cliff Lee from a dollar perspective and lets be honest if Jayson Werth doesn’t get that deal in Washington, Crawford is making substantially less.  Boston got hosed in the negotiations.

There line up will stand out next season, there team will likely be the front runners to win the division.  But we can all also agree that Boston is now in the same category as the Yankees.  Your as much of the problem now as the Yankees are.  As for MLB, where you search for your sport to be watched outside of the Northeast Region, it just became even harder for fans to want to watch.  See you next October when its the Yankees vs the Red Sox in the ALCS.




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