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The NFL isn’t feeling so LUCKY

In what many believe could be the biggest news in college football for the 2011 season, Andrew Luck has decided to return to Stanford and finish out his degree and football career for the Cardinal.

His coach (Jim Harbaugh), having already interviewed for the Dolphins and 49ers, and possibly upcoming with the Broncos.  Makes Luck’s decision even more odd.  Unless Luck is trying to tell us something that Harbaugh isn’t.

Maybe its Jim that isn’t leaving the Cardinal either.

My guess is, this whole plan to interview with NFL teams, and leaking information that Michigan already offered him 5.2 Million to lead the Wolverine, is nothing more than a smoke screen to get the Stanford Athletic Department and Board to approve a long term lucrative extension for him to stay in Palo Alto.

How genius, leave it to a  Stanford guy would figure out that the only way to get a max deal at your current employer is to interview and give the appearance that your wanted elsewhere.  Could this be the new trend?  It hasn’t been proven to be true.  But I have to think that with Luck likely staying in school, he’s tipping his hand as to future news about his coach.

Such news has already prompted Ryan Mallett at Arkansas to declare for the draft, making him the top QB on the board.

Were all going to have to wait and see how this plays out, but my guess is Harbaugh will be in Palo Alto leading the Cardinal for a long time.




One thought on “The NFL isn’t feeling so LUCKY

  1. This could be a spot on theory. It makes no sense for Luck to stay. People scream about “education” you see though Stanford owes Luck an education and would do anything to get him one if he so wanted. He could declare for the draft, prepare for it all while getting his degree.

    Hopefully this plan doesnt backfire.

    Posted by Tree Hugger | January 7, 2011, Fri, 07 Jan 2011 08:39:30 +0000:39 p

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