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Thank God?

In Gene Chizik’s first on-field interview after winning the BSC Championship with his Auburn Tigers, the second thing out of this mouth was to thank God for his victory.  Again in a later interview, he thanked God.  We see it all the time.  Players and coaches alike, after great victories and great individual performances, will first thank God.

Do they think God somehow favors them?  Did the Auburn players pray harder than the Oregon players?  Or is it the fans, if they pray the hardest does their team prevail? ( If that’s the case, what’s Notre Dames excuse?)  It seems a bit presumptuous to assume that God intervened on their behalf.   Does God weaken the legs of the defense in light of RBs 200 yard performance?  Does he guide the ball through the air during a QBs 450 yard outing?

What’s wrong with crediting hard work, dedication, conditioning, and desire?  Perhaps Peyton Manning is one of the best at his position because of his dedication to studying the game and honing his ability to read defenses.  Maybe Arian Foster’s amazing year rushing is a result of his tireless work in the weight room and his dedication to conditioning.  These athletes dedicate their lives to perform at an elite level.  Would be so bad to praise themselves and take the credit for their hard work during their blissful moment of victory?

Maybe Coach Chizik should have first thanked his defense who contained the incredibly potent and explosive Duck offence.  Or was that truly an act of God?


Punter H. Thompson




One thought on “Thank God?

  1. I think God was not a fan of the Oregon uniforms so he automatically defaulted to the prayers of the Auburn players and coaches.

    Posted by Timothy TeBONER | January 12, 2011, Wed, 12 Jan 2011 15:40:45 +0000:40 p

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