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The Jimmie Rule

This is why I love Necks, they make rules as they go.  Forget history and tradition, just figure out a way to keep their best driver from winning.

We could all see it coming.  When Jimmie Johnson won an unprecedented 5th consecutive championship, we all knew NASCAR was going to reshape its self and make rule changes to try to combat the dominance by the 48 team.

In a report released earlier this afternoon, NASCAR released a statement  saying that they are seriously considering restructuring how teams tabulate points during the season.  Not since the current formula was instituted in 1975 have the points structure been modified.  In a new version, drivers would accrue points based upon the position in which they finish.

If this version were to have been used last season, Jimmie would not have won, Denny Hamlin would have won the Championship by an overwhelming margin.  Having  had as many victories as Jimmie, but more top 5 Finishes, and fewer DNF’s.

Just last week, NASCAR told drivers that they must declare which series they will compete for the championship in.  With fewer drivers racing in multiple races in a weekend, fresher drivers will be ready each race day.

Here’s a rule change they should consider, the guy who goes Sterling Marlin in to the rear bumper of Johnson, automatically wins the title.  I Hope Jimmie and Chad are sitting back laughing at this, cause its hilarious to think the Frances and NASCAR are concerned that Jimmie could win a 6th consecutive championship.

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