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Honor Thy Contract

As the NBA trade deadline nears, Carmelo Anthony has already laced up his sneakers for the NY Knickerbockers.  It was widely speculated for months that Anthony would be a Knick at some point, the only question was when and how would he get there.  Late Monday night hours after appearing on the Conan O’Brein Show, Carmelo was sent packing along with Chauncey Billups, Corey Brewer, and a slew of others that made there way to either Denver or Minnesota.

The idea that Melo would leave Denver has been no secret.  Since the middle of last season when he rejected a 3 year 65 Million extension to remain in Denver.  Melo made it known that he wanted to play in his home state of New York.  However, Melo nor his agent wanted to leave the 65 Million max deal in order to get there.  See, Melo had to agree to the Extension through a sign and trade.  And while other teams had made it known (mainly the New Jersey Nets) that they would love to have Carmelo, Melo made it known he would not sign an extension with the Nuggets unless they had an agreement with the Knickerbockers.

So for the 12+ months a player held the Nuggets and New Jersey hostage.  Letting it be known, unless he got what he wanted he was just going to walk away from Denver.  Putting Denver in an awkward postition, knowing Melo wouldn’t return they had to find a way to get something from nothing.  While New Jersey clearly was offering the better deal (Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, and four 1st Round picks), Denver went with the player package that NY was offering to get the deal done.

At what point does a star player gain control of the organization.   Sports are supported by the fans and run by owners and the league.  But it has become apparent that the players maintain the control on what happens.  It was just 6 months ago we all watched the “Decision” where “KING JAMES” had everyone stopped for an hour to see where he would be playing next.   Free agency can be a great thing, but when your star players make it known before there contract expires that they want to play elsewhere, then the organization losses all leverage on there investment.

Too me its a breach of contract.  You are signed to play for that organization, and by acknowledging that you want to be elsewhere and not honor the terms of that contract, then you have breached the document you signed.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, nor is basketball the only sport where this happens.  But it’s becoming the norm.  If I sign a contract with a company in my field of work, and tell people that I don’t want to be where I am, or I would rather be doing this in another city, I would likely be let go.  Celebrities and Athletes lead a different life and have different rules.

At some point tho, people need to realize that when you sign a contract it is your obligation to honor that contract.  And if you don’t want to be there, then you need to let your boss or bosses decide what’s in their best interest not yours.




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