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TimBeaux Slice 2011 Baseabll Predictions

Ok, so Steve thinks he knows all… well he doesn’t. Whew…now that I got that off my chest I wanted to let you know who the Division, League and World Series Champions will be. And for good measure I threw in the AL and NL MVP and Cy Young Winners.

How did I get to my conclusion? No I didn’t use an Octopus or a baby Panda Bear, and no I didn’t use research or logic; I used tarot cards. That’s right I went to the psychic on Front Street in Temecula and asked her… this is what we came up with. Let me know what you think… just know what ever you say you will be wrong.

TimBeaux Slice

American League

AL EAST –Boston

AL CENTRAL – Minnesota

AL WEST – Anaheim

AL WILD CARD – Tampa Bay

1st Round division Anaheim over Minnesota

1st Round division Boston over Tampa Bay

ALCS – Boston over Anaheim

National League

NL EAST – Philadelphia

NL CENTRAL – St. Louis

NL WEST – San Francisco

WILD CARD – Atlanta

1st ROUND – Philadelphia over Atlanta

1st ROUND – San Francisco over St. Louis

NLCS – Philadelphia over San Francisco


Philadelphia over Boston

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera

NL MVP – Albert Pujols

AL CY YOUNG – Felix Hernandez

NL CY YOUNG – Roy Halladay



2 thoughts on “TimBeaux Slice 2011 Baseabll Predictions

  1. alrighty, so i really like your predictions for the al, especially since the yankees aren’t in it (i say this because i don’t think that they have the pitching to pass up tampa bay in the wild card race, but it also should be noted that i am from ca and was born with a strong dislike for the east coast).
    your nl predictions are definite possiblities, but i would have philadelphia and atlanta exchange places. atlanta’s rotation is comparable to philadelphia’s at least in era, also adam dunn joined up with atlanta, and jayson werth left philadelphia. for the nl west i would put colorado in first. while san francisco has the rotation to win, i think that colorado’s line up will boost the team to first.
    as far as playoffs go, the next guy’s guess is as good as mine. too many times good teams fall into slumps, while the opposition gets hot. look what happened last year! texas made it to the world series!
    if i had to choose a team that went all the way i would choose the angels (but it’s probably just because they are my team and i’m a little biased).

    Posted by Brandon | March 31, 2011, Thu, 31 Mar 2011 18:54:07 +0000:54 p
    • Great points Brandon. There were many other teams that I was leading too throughout this process. Colorado and Milwaukee are two teams that definitely should get a nod. As for Atlanta I just think the experience of Philadelphia will help them in the end. Lets just hope I’m more right than Steve!

      Posted by TimBeaux Slice | March 31, 2011, Thu, 31 Mar 2011 22:55:03 +0000:55 p

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