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10YardSlant Round 1 Mock Draft

The NFL’s greatest day has arrived.  With less than 5 hours until the 1st name is called, the likes of Cam “The Fraud” Newton and Von “The Sheriff” Miller’s boyhood dreams will be realized.  With no insider information, I will try to predict which teams will move around and which players will get slotted.  The best part will be seeing how accurate or inaccurate I will be by the end of the night.

1. Carolina – Cam Newton QB

2. Denver – Von Miller LB

3. Buffal0 – Blaine Gabbert QB

4. Cincinnati – AJ Green WR

5. New England via Arizona (Trade) – Marcel Dareous DL

6. Cleveland – Patrick Peterson DB

7. San Fransisco – Andy Dalton QB

8. Tennessee – Jake Lockler QB

9. Dallas – Tyron Smith OL

10. Washington – Nick Fairley DL

11. Houston – Aldon Smith DL

12. Minnesota – Christian Ponder QB

13. Pittsburgh via Detroit (Trade) -Mike Pouncey OL

14. St. Louis – Julio Jones WR

15. Seattle via Miami (Trade) – Ryan Mallett QB

16. Jacksonville – Colin Kaepernick QB

17. Arizona via New England (Trade) – Prince Amukamra DB

18. San Diego – JJ Watt DL

19. NY Giants – Mark Ingram RB

20. Tampa Bay – Robert Quinn DE

21. Kansas City – Kyle Rudolph TE

22. Indianapolis – Anthony Castonzo OL

23. Philadelphia – Corey Leguiett DT

24. New Orleans – Ryan Carrigan DE

25. Miami – Phil Taylor DT

26. Baltimore – Jimmy Smith DB

27. Atlanta – Cameron Jordan DE

28. New England – Nate Solder OL

29. Chicago – Marvin Austin DT

30. Jets – Akeem Ayers LB

31. Detroit via Pittsburgh (Trade) – Aaron Williams DB

32. Green Bay – Danny Watkins OL



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