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Reggie Still Haunting Heritage Hall

So the BCS has asked for their trophy back...  Some would argue had Reggie been 
ineligible they wouldn't have even played in that game.  How soon people forget
that there Defense was top 5 in the Nation in 2004, and Leinart and Lendale were 
just as if not more valuable to that offense.

The NCAA and the BCS continue to place blame on the institution and players who
had nothing to do with what the BUSH's were apart of.  From the current roster 
to the 2004 National Championship Team, everyone is effected.  Meanwhile, Reggie,
his family, and former head coach Pete Carroll move on and face no penalty for
their actions.  The 2004 Season is for all college football fans to remember 
and enjoy.  I, as a long time fan of USC will always acknowledge that team as 
the Champions.  Football is a team sport, not one individual is more important 
than the other.  Reggie was amazing while at SC and during the 04 season, but 
lets not forget about the other guys who were just as valuable

Oh and in case those facts aren't enough....  Eat these stats from the title game.

USC 55 - Oklahoma 19

Leinart 18 for 35  -  332 Yards and 5 TD's
Lendale White 15 Carries for 118 Yards and 2 TD's
Steve Smith 7 Receptions for 113 Yards and 3 TD's
Dwayne Jarrett 5 Receptions for 115 Yards and 2 TD's

Reggie Bush - 6 Carries 75 Yards 0 TD's and 2 Receptions for 31 Yards 0 TD's



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