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Traded Away

136 days the players were locked out, while we all waited for the spectacle to end.  Here it is, the NFL is back and well, were blogging again.

Who cares about Free Agency in the NFL, when you can trade?

That’s exactly the position most have taken on 7/28/2011.  Free Agents can sign with any team at 3pm tomorrow (7/29/2011).  But until then everything is speculation, that is unless your name is Reggie Bush, Kevin Kolb, Albert Haynesworth, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, or Greg Olsen.  And its still early here on the West Coast, we could see more movement.  Guys like Kyle Orton could still be shipped off before the night is over.

Hands down the New England Patriots win today’s war of trades.  Adding Ocho to the passing attack of Brady, Welker, Tate, Hernandez and Gronkowski, makes this offense highly explosive.  Then you send a battle ax of a defensive lineman like Albert Haynesworth, only adds to fantastic front seven of a defense.

The Reggie Bush move to Miami begs one to ask two questions.  Well Reggie finally show off his talents like at USC being the main option in south beach?  Or will he spend more time at his ex-girlfriends store “Dash”?  I personally think the fresh start will awesome to watch, and with the likes of D Wade and Lebron “The Big 2” his ego fits right in.

Time will only tell if free agent signings like Tavaris Jackson in Seattle while pay off.  Thanks Seattle, and Thanks to all the players and owners for giving something to talk about




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