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Tebow to Miami – Thats what I say

Why Not?  Can you imagine the hype and excitment this would bring the Dolphins and its fans in South Beach.

What else do the 0-4 Dolphins have to lose?  Their current starting QB is already hurt and likely could miss 3-4 weeks.

This is the same team and coach (Sparano) that introduced the “Wildcat” offense to the NFL 3 seasons ago.  What better engineer for that system than the anointed “Savior” to run.

Can you imagine that offense with Tebow?  Seriously, I know there are plenty of Bush haters out there, but imagine the amount of space on the edges this would create for Reggie to run.  Reggie’s game is built upon his speed and ability to hit the edge on a sweep or a pitch out.  He’s never been about running between the tackles.  With an option format both he and Tim would excel.

Even if it didn’t work, the fans would show up regardless.  People for some reason want to see this kid play, and playing in his back yard would create an excitement and energy the Dolphins and its fans haven’t seen since Dan Marino, Mark Duper, and Mark Clayton retired.

Forget trading for Orton or any other second rate QB, give up a 2nd or future 3rd round pick and create some positive energy.




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