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Rivalry Hate

As the turkey continues to digest and the last piece of pumpkin pie is eaten the one traditional item that is still on the menu is Football… specifically, rivalry college football.  No other sport pro or college has the same effect on the nation, as does rivalry college football.

Every year for 118 years the Texas Longhorns would play the Texas Aggies on (or around) Thanksgiving. The Cowgirls from Dallas cant hold a match to that tradition… heck they don’t even play the same opponent each year on Thanksgiving.

Sure this isn’t the ESPN branded “Rivalry Week” but its chalk full of games that have hundreds of years of passion and family division. Thursday kicked the weekend off with a descent game between the Longhorns and the Aggies that came down to a last second field goal. A new budding rivalry between LSU and Arkansas kept us going on Friday. And Saturday we get a full slate of games that include: Michigan vs Ohio State, USC vs UCLA and Auburn vs Alabama.

More often than not these games are the last stand in determining a seasons “success”. Buckeye fans battling a tough offseason and with uncertainty swirling around their coaching position could look back on this year and consider it a successful one so long as there was a W over a surging Robinson and Michigan.

I’m not here to determine why we love to hate another school so much… that all depends on the individual. However that hatred is a catalyst to bringing together families, neighbors and friends. Regardless of the reasoning we can all agree no matter where we live whether in California or the Carolinas we want to know who wins these games.

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