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Ohio State has its guy.  Luke Fickell is out as head football coach, and insert Urban Meyer.  Meyer is the cream of the crop, heads above the rest of the available options to choose from.  Outside of luring away Bob Stoops or Nick Saban from their respective institutions, no other candidate should have been an option for the Buckeyes.

His credentials are second to none.  He led the Falcons of  Bowling Green to a 17-6 record as his 1st head coaching gig, then he took the Utes of Utah to its 1st BCS game in school history.  After a two year stint in Joseph Smith  territory he took his spread offense to Gainsville where in five seasons he won two National Titles, and coached what some would argue the games greatest human being.  When you think about his resume, its perfect.  Start small, and well finish from your home state at its most prestigious University.

Citing  job burn out, medical issues and lack of time with his family, Urban stepped away from the game.

So, why come back?  Why Ohio State?  And an even better question, what is it that Urban knows about the possible sanctions still pending against the University?  You know the five guys, errrr (Terrell Pryor) that were caught selling autographs and memorabilia for straight cash homie ($45,000) and Tattoo’s.

Once again, we have a school not on the west coast that apparently will skate by the NCAA, even tho they had players who received improper benefits.  Why bring this up in the case of Urban taking this job.  I find this to be very relevant to his hiring, and to the amount of money the school is paying him.  40 Million over 7 years, thats $5.7 per season.  You don’t pay him that kinda quan if you expect to be placed on probation, like  USC was.

Regardless of any possible school violations or other issues the Buckeyes faced in 2011, the real fun will be in the recruiting.  Michigan, who for years was a doormat for the Buckeyes, was able to poach premium talent from the state of Ohio, while Fickell was head coach.  A five star offensive lineman as well as two other four star OL and two four star DL, in all nine of the twenty three recruits committed to the Wolverine are from the state of Ohio.  The loser once Urban starts recruiting is the “Golden Domers”, the mid-west talent will again surge to Ohio and Michigan like normal, leaving Brian Kelley and his fellow Leprechauns wondering what just happened.

Cheers to you Mr. Meyer, congrats on the new gig.  Here’s to you losing all future games vs the Trojans & Aggies




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