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12/5/2011 could be the day that people at USC look at as the day Matt Barkley made up his mind about his return for his senior campaign.  Or today is the day he decided that his time as a collegiate athlete was finished.

His career at USC was stellar, with improvements each season.  But it wasn’t until this season he showed the Nation how polished he was.  Overshadowed by the taller and more mobile Andrew Luck at Stanford, much of the west coast attention was generated at Andrew, and deservedly so.

Tonight however, Barkley was past over for the Heisman trophy.  A stat line of  69% completion percentage, 39 Touchdown (a new conference record), and a quarterback rating of 161.2.  By comparison  Andrew Luck had similar numbers this season 70% Completion Percentage, 35 Tds, and a 167.5 QB Rating.  But, with USC still under sanction, the University late to start a Heisman campaign, and other worthy candidates, Barkley will watch his competition accept an award he is just as deserving of.

If there was ever an incentive for his return to USC, this is the moment SC fans can “Lock In” on.  With Luck, Landry Jones, Nick Foles, Robert Griffin III, and other qb’s eligible for the draft, Barkley has a chance to go from being a late top 10 pick to being the Top QB in the 2013 Draft.  All the while being the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy.

Bowl bound in 2012, a returning offensive line, 2 Belitnikof wide receivers, a veteran defense,and a possible preseason #1 Ranking, oh and leading Heisman Candidate, are all reason that “One More Year” will go from a hopeful chant, to what I think will be a reality in a matter of days.




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