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Joe “NOT MONTANA” Flacco

Hey Joe Flacco, shut your Pie Hole.  Your comments today regarding the leagues most intriguing player    (Tim Tebow) are humorous.

“The bottom line is we don’t need a lot of help because we have a great fan base every week and we win football games,” Flacco said.  “We’re not a losing football team that needs to be out there in the media and be talked up like we are all-world.  We are.” – Joe Flacco

Note to self Flacco, Tebow is not on a losing team either.  He happens to play on a division leading team, where not only has he and his teammates captivated America’s attention, but he draws the meter when the TV is on.  Your team is great, however, you are not.  Some would argue your team isn’t even the best in its division.

Don’t be jealous that Tim receives the credit.  He doesn’t ask for it.  He’s the 1st to thank his teammates, and his coaching staff for his success.  Mr. Flacco, the only thing interesting about your team is the guy who was once charged with felony murder.

Bottom line, Tim Tebow makes America watch, and he brings more people to watch a sport which creates higher revenues for you and fellow NFL players to share.  You should thank Mr. Tebow rather than rip his popularity.

Heck, myself and four others drove ,2400 miles round trip last week to witness first hand the wonders of the Broncos and Tebow.  You Joe Flacco, make me turn my Red Zone Channel with your boring offense, and interception prone arm.

With that said, I know the likely hood of you reading this is just as good a chance of me watching you play.  But to get this off my chest is rewarding enough.  Had these quotes come from the likes of Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady, then I would understand, but your Joe Nobody.




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